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 Lisa Keating
0872730361 ~ lisakeatingyoga@gmail.com
When we practice Yoga, we slow down, listen to and feel the body, explore movement with wonder, no expectation, no judgement, just allowing. 
Learn tools to help relax the mind and ease the body on and off the mat.
Weekly Classes
Mon ~ 19:00-20:25 ~ Yang Yoga ~ Douglas Com.School (Autumn 2018)
Tue ~ 19:00-20:25 ~ Yang Yoga ~ Douglas Com.       (Auyumn 2018)  
Tue ~ 11:00-12:00 ~ YummiYoga ~ Roseville House, Mayfield   
Thur ~ 19:30-20:45 ~ Yin/Yang yoga ~ Douglas Yoga Rooms
Fri ~ 19:30-21:00 ~ Yin Yoga ~ Aug 24 ~ D.Y.R
Sat ~ 10:30-11:30 ~ Yin/Yang Yoga ~ Douglas Yoga rooms  
feel free to call or text Lisa 0872730361 with any questions or concerns, have a greatful day xo 

Yum Yoga is for all 
Yoga is for everyone.  In practice we let go of all else and focus on breath, how we breath, how to coordinate breath with movement. We learn all about how to move as our bodies are able to move, strengthen, become flexible, let go and be in joy, at ease, fully present. Yoga brings wonderful benefits to life once you embrace it and journey down on the mat, delve into the poses, its the best ever, brings us home to the realization that everything we think we need from outside ourselves, we already have inside every one of us 
Yin Yoga

Yin, a stable, still, hidden, dark, calm, earthy downward aspect of things. Yang has active, exposed, bright, excited heavenly upward qualities. The two always coexist. 

You are guided on an internal journey.  Relax into an elevated  state of ease and stillness where we target the deeper Yin tissue, the fascia, ligaments and the connective tissue which concentrate in the joints.  You will experience a series of held seated poses (typically 3-5 min), lovingly interwoven with soothing sounds, inspirational themes and aromatherapy. Peels away all that does not serve. 

"I feel like chocolate melting in the sunshine'

"feels like a massage from the inside out" 

Yin/Yang Yoga  

Yin Yoga stimulates the meridians (energy channels) bringing balance to the organs. Improves flexibility, joint mobility. Calms, balances mind/body.  Reduces stress, anxiety.  Deeply stimulates the fascia tendons and ligments.  Prepares practitioner for meditation. 

Yang Yoga strengthens and tones the body.  Improves flexibility and circulation.  Inclrases stamina.  Removes tension and obstacles in the body, allowing prana, breath to flow. 

Yin/Yang Yoag practice - we carry over the mindful practice into dynamic yang yoga, really beneficial for those of us who tend toward competiveness or striving in poses, we learn to trust the process   

Chair Yoga 

On the chair we practice becoming consciously aware of the physical body, how we move, how we feel, how our bodies are. We connect, stretch and laugh. This practice is especially beneficial as our bodies mature and if getting down on the floor is not available to us.  We stretch the legs real well with the use of straps, we stimulate flow throughout the entire body, then we relax into blissful ease of being.  


Improves balance

Breath better

Relieve muscle tension

Increase energy levels 

Decrease fatigue, promote deep sleep

Helps us be in our bodies fully

Consciously prevent falls and injury

Overall well being :)


Teaching Style: 

I teach how to integrate mind and body through breath awareness. Uniting mind and body, brings us into the present moment, into life in love. How we practice yoga on the mat is how we practice living off it. I interweave positive, inspirational themes which are uplifting, energizing and earthly kind to our entire existence. Safe guided journey inward surrendering to what is.  I encourage and motivate a consistent practice so as to reap the many benefits:

* Increase strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health

* Cultivate equilibrium and internal peace

* Learn new tools for reducing tension and stress

* Gain mental clarity, focus & balance

* Inhabit your body in a way that will profoundly impact all other areas of your life


Lisa (RYT 200)

Winter 2007, at a crisis point of my life, I took my very first Yoga class. I felt I could breath again. It taught me how to be in life with love, how to be in love with life. Yoga is a lifelong journey, taken step by step, enjoying the unfolding process. Regular practice has changed the way I think, opened my mind while healing my body in acceptance of what is. I teach from the hearth, sharing the many amazing benefits. Peace, ease of body/mind, pure joy Yoga brings to life. I sincerely believes we all have the ability to heal ourselves from the inside out by uniting mind and body through breath awareness, being truly conscious, fully present. Yum!

Completed 200 hr Yoga Source Teacher Training in Los Gatos California, recognized by and registered with Yoga Alliance Internationally.
Jan 2009 - insight yoga Intensive training with Sarah Powers at Deer Run Zendo in Corte Madera, Marin, California
Spring 2011 - Essence Qigong training with Eileen Murray in Carraigline, Cork Ireland
Summer 2011 - Neurobiology of Excellence with Rod Briggs at Lissarda W. Cork
Aug 2011 - Basic course in Authentic Traditional Thai Yoga Massage with Sunshine House, consisting of 70 hours practice at An Sanctoir Ballydehob, Cork. Accredited by the international society for Thai massage
Spring - 2012 - Body Talk Access Training with Lesley McIntyre, recognized by I.B.A. Gloval Healing 

September - 2013 - 30 hour program Yin Yoga Teacher Training under the guidance of Joshua Summers

January 2016 - Successfully completed Cardiac First Response Community Level, Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council with Colette Moynihan All First Aid - Expires 2018



Kendra Boardman (yogini/friend) ~ "Lisa's Yin yoga class is relaxing and inspiring. She guides you through gentle movements while simultaneously providing an uplifting meditation. A fantastic exercise for body and spirit!"

Una Kinsella (yogini/friend) ~ "One of the best things about taking Lisa’s classes is how comfortable she makes everyone feel and how well she guides your mind and body to a place of calmness. Her teaching style brings both energy and peacefulness to each class. it’s clear that she has a genuine passion for helping others find their path to inner peace and health through yoga"

Lorene Schratter (yogini/student/friend) ~ "my review and testmonial is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Lisa's yin class is the single most delicious experience a yogini can have.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"

Wei Martin (fellow teacher trainer/friend) ~ "you were awesome and i loved your class!!!"

Allison Marshall (fellow teacher trainer/friend) ~ "you were AWESOME! such a great class and it was perfect for what I needed :) So exciting for you!"

Renais Dickson (good friend) ~ "You are an AMAZING teacher! You've got me interested in yoga now cuz I enjoyed myself so much in your class"

Liz Curry (yogini/student/friend) ~ "Thank you Lisa! It was what I needed. This journey of self discovery has brought me to many wonderful people. Thank you for sharing you"

Tomoko Beebe (yogini/student/friend) ~ "I moved from another county a year or so ago and signed up for Being Yoga studio which offers Bikram yoga. But I was yearning for a good yin yoga and thought that I may have to visit my old studio from time to time to get a good yin yoga fix. Then I found it with Lisa's yin yoga class. It was exactly what I was looking for! She's such a natural in teaching yin yoga and enjoy her mixture of childlike pureness and ethusiasm, spirituality and compassion. I shall miss her class greatly. Tomoko"

Lisa 087 3887593

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